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The Whipping Boy

Meanwhile, not far away from where Gem lives, Ari is planning his escape. Despite only being a few months apart in age, Ari is far more wary of the world than Gem.  His father split a long time ago, and since then Ari and his younger brother have been abused by their violent, controlling mother.  Little did Ari know that helping his brother find the courage to leave the house would have far worse consequences than he could have imagined. 


This is the first day in weeks we’ve spent together

It will be the last

There haven’t been tears for a while now

The fear has mostly come to pass

As I sit here, a shell of the boy I used to be

A revelation comes to me


Thrashed again, now it ends

I’m not your whipping boy

I had no choice, now I’ve found my voice

I’m not your whipping boy

The fire burns black and blue in my heart

I won’t take this anymore


I deserve no place among the angels

No halo will ever grace my head

But Mother, would you say you’ve been fair

If I’d rather be dead?


It was worse enough before; my brother couldn’t take anymore

I couldn’t bear to see my best friend in so much pain

Did you make me pay double to save yourself the trouble

Of looking inward and knowing you were the one to blame?

As I sit here without him by my side to make it all better

I don’t regret setting him free


Tunnel vision, blinding speed, gone tomorrow, what do I need?

Something borrowed to keep her away, something blue to get through the day

A picture from when I learned magic to break free of those chains

A harrowing reminder of the boy without a name

Incriminating evidence of my imprisonment

If she gives chase, she’ll face the same punishment

The chronic pain she gave me I can now take away

The white horse she rode in on will carry me today

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