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The Warmest Winter

Palanova shows the runaways to a refugee camp, where they find many others who have lost family and friends to the catastrophe. After Palanova leads them to their tent, they express their gratitude and prepare for their first decent meal in months. As Gem goes to collect wood for a fire, the first snow of the year begins to fall. Ari and Lyra take a minute to reflect upon their meeting and everything that has happened to them. 


I hail from the deepest valley

Where loneliness and despair roam free

Where no one is who they want to be

I emerge from the darkest ocean

Where aspirations and dreams are drowned

Where sunlight is nowhere to be found


But as the summer drew to a close, a new perspective opened my eyes

I felt the warmth emanating through the frigid autumn sky

And I knew I’d survive the trials to come with you by my side


[Ari – I] [Lyra – II]

With you I’ll spend my warmest winters

Sheltered from the cold

With you I’ll face my bitter failures

And begin to mend my soul

Let us savor every moment

Let us live not just to survive

Let the autumn leaves gently fall

As the warmest winter arrives



I came to you withdrawn and reclusive

No longer able to feel

Or appreciate the authentic and real

I came from nothing but rejection

Learned to hate myself for what my father had done

I couldn’t love or trust anyone

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