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The Runaways

Gem and Ari meet Lyra, her dark complexion illuminated by the moonlight.  She looks bemused more than anything else, and Gem, still not sure of Ari’s intentions, decides to let him do the talking. 


Hello – it’s a pleasure to meet you

We heard great sadness in your song

Despite your voice’s beauty I can tell that you’re hurting

Like you’ve been silenced for far too long

So if you need to get away and learn who you are

You’re always welcome here


Headlong into the unknown – we are the runaways

Getting by all on our own – we are the runaways

Disavowed by those we were taught to treasure

Stranded in the storm it’s time we face this together

We are the runaways



Unless I dream, it sure does seem your friend is apprehensive

Not a word to be heard, or is he just pensive?

Tell me stranger, am I in danger? Or should I come along?

Is this it, the group of misfits that I’ve sought for so long?


A sudden bout of courage causes Gem to speak up and make it clear that he stands with Ari and that he’d like Lyra to join their traveling group, his decision not at all influenced by Lyra’s stunning beauty and seductive singing voice


I didn’t leave it all behind just to let my bridges burn

But I have to find myself before I return

So if you feel the same, aimless and unnamed

We may help you find your way and breathe new life today



We never found the eye of the storm

But in this chaos, new friendships are born



We must take action and stand up to the weather


The storm moves ever closer – we can’t avoid it forever


We’ll face it together – we are the runaways

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