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The Hunted

The initial shock and excitement at the prospect of total freedom has all but disappeared over the last few weeks for Ari and Lyra, and Gem feels more alone and lost than ever. As sustenance is on the verge of running out, relations between Gem, Ari, and Lyra are at an all-time low.


It’s been just a few weeks and we can barely sustain ourselves

Our bond is tearing at the seams

You were so confident, so sure you wanted absolute freedom

You never considered what that may come to mean


I once killed a man for saying “I told you so”

I don’t suppose you’d like to join him in the great beyond?


Empty threats are getting us nowhere

And our provisions are nearly gone

It’s to the hunt for now; we’ll meet back here at nightfall

Resolve and carry on


The runaways fall silent as a man approaches; he’s the first person they’ve seen besides each other in weeks.



A full moon forest hike, a diver in the moonlight

You will be their prey

Blindsided by their paw, no victory from their maw

Your lifeblood will drain away

Evil is always ready to strike


Demons prowl in the dead of night

You can’t win if you can’t fight

Let us protect you, don’t become the hunted

We hear the siren in the night

We take up arms and join the fight

Don’t become the hunted


Take this, make yourselves a fire

Relax and retire

It’s the least we can do welcome you

Have a tent, stay awhile

We can withstand this trial

But again I will warn you

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