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Star Struck

After barely convincing Gem to travel with him for a night, Ari notices that, after three weeks of with him and Lyra, Gem has made no indication that he wants to go home.  In truth, Gem had lost track of time and is stunned to hear that it has been that long.  Less worried than he should be about the manhunt that his parents have no doubt begun in search of their only son, Gem reluctantly admits to himself that Ari seems to have a strange hold over him.  Late one evening while Lyra rests, Ari takes Gem aside and asks why he is still around. 



I hate to ask but why haven’t you gone?

You stayed with me for a day but you said it wouldn’t last

Yet now three weeks have passed

You said you’d rather be on your own

Traveled with me just ‘cause I was there

You didn’t seem to care


Not that I want you to go

But you made your message clear

So why are you still here?



I have no reason to trust you

But I stand at a crossroads now

I admire your passion to live as you are, maybe you could show me how?

You’ve faced horrors I can barely imagine

Ran from a life so wicked and depraved

I know not the darkness you harbor deep within

But on the surface you seem unscathed


I know that I said I would go

But your sincerity is clear

Will you help me conquer my fear?


A faint rumble in the distance grows too powerful to ignore.  An unknown celestial object enters the atmosphere and hurtles toward the city from which Gem, Ari, and Lyra have just escaped.   


A blazing trail of stardust streaks across the sky

The three of us and time stand still, awestruck and terrified

I see the life of the universe flash before my eyes


The galaxy that birthed us now tears us apart

Andromeda gazes upon our home’s once beating heart

She surrounds us in a glowing sphere, a halo of peace and light

Time stops for but a moment as we stand astonished in the starlit night

But soon the crushing realization sweeps over me

We turn our eyes to the terror that has befallen the city


Through the sphere I see my world burning

The embers reduce the vibrant city to nothing but ash

My vision blurs and I see my world turning

Help me – I’m fading fast…

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