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The Story

Gemini, Ari, and Lyra are all lost in their own way. Gem has always struggled to connect with others and his family remains willfully ignorant of any serious problems in his life. At a time where everyone seems to be exploring friendship, personal aspirations, and sexuality, Gem believes he is hopelessly out of touch with his peers. Ari comes from an abusive household – his addict father split a long time ago, and his mother has given in to vices, rage, and despair, which she often takes out on Ari and his brother. Lyra has a mysterious past she is usually unwilling to talk about – most know her as friendly and congenial, but, at times, insincere, distant, and untrusting. Rumors of her family situation have spread, but all anyone knows for sure is that her father disappeared after becoming involved in an underground criminal organization, and her mother hasn’t been heard from in some time. After a chance meeting, the runaways slowly begin to realize that they need each other – especially when dark, enigmatic forces aim to destroy them, and cataclysmic events ensure that their lives will never be the same. This is a story of isolation, despair, loss, and betrayal. This is a story of friendship, hope, and new beginnings. 


This is Summer’s End for the Runaways.    

The Lyrics

The State of the Union
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