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Ari escapes and runs faster than he ever had into the forest behind his house.  His vision narrowed by the sweet taste of freedom, he takes in all of his surroundings – the two moons in their choreographed dance, the scent of the summer air, the vast clearing he had happened upon.  Unfortunately, in this haze, he forgets to look where he is going.  Before having time to appreciate his newly-acquired freedom, he performs an accidental full-body tackle on a shadowy figure that had suddenly appeared in front of him.  Gem, rudely interrupted from a nighttime reflection, is understandably reticent about taking the hand of a stranger offering to help him to his feet.    


Are you OK? You hide well in the shadows

If you forgive me for ruining your quiet contemplation

Will you walk awhile with me?


My family saga ended tonight

I won’t return like I did before

Under cloak of darkness I’ll start anew

I won't submit anymore

But what, my silent friend, brings you here this summer’s eve?

A rebel, an orphan, or fugitive? At times I’ve felt all three



None of the above – just someone who needs time to think

I’ve walked long enough tonight



An hour or two is all I ask of you

Please help me forget what I’ve been through

Tell me a name, a dream, a story, anything about yourself

To set my mind at ease


Gem and Ari tell each other their stories



You put my life into perspective

I don’t feel so alone

I’ll stay with you tonight

But tomorrow I must return home

But if I’m not mistaken, I’m not the only one here

Listen closely – she is near



I stepped back from…

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