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Gem and Ari awaken to see the refugee camp on fire and raiders pillaging the remaining tents. Palanova (who Gem and Ari presume has given all of these people shelter only to betray them and steal their belongings) has left the area, and Gem and Ari panic as they realize Lyra is no longer with them. 


A gruesome picture comes into view

My vision is foggy and frayed

I hear a shriek of maniacal laughter

Have we been betrayed?

Outside all has been set ablaze

Anarchy abounds

I help Ari up; he’s dazed but unhurt

And Lyra is nowhere to be found


Raiders come in the night

Out of control and out of sight

In our darkest hour, we panic and fear

The end of our journey is near



Let’s pull ourselves together and follow their trail

They will forever regret this day – we will prevail


Raiders take off their disguise

And bask in the spoils of their lies

The ones who we trusted took it all away

And left us with nothing but the cruel light of day

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