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Black Fire

As the story becomes clear, Gem and Ari are still at a loss for words, but they take it in stride and try their best to only worry about the present. 

I. The Lake


I just don’t know what to say

Monster though he was, did he deserve that fate?


I just don’t know how to feel

But there’s no judgment here if this will help you heal


What you’ve heard about him is only the start

I hope you can look past what happened – you both still have my heart

Tonight we leave the madness and pain behind

Forward lies our only road

For too long we’ve been chained to the ghosts of our past

It’s time to claim our lives as our own


The calm is shattered by rolling thunder, reverberating strong through the icy lake.  Fearing the worst, Gem calls Ari and Lyra to action. 

II. Black Fire


The ground beneath us starts to shake

Dark reflections on the frozen lake

Ominous wind surges through the trees

Strong enough to force us to our knees

The ice beneath us begins to crack

We sprint into the forest to prepare for an attack


We stop in our tracks as the heavens explode

The lake retreats into the shadows

Black fire rains from the midnight sky

The apocalypse is nigh

Run with all the fire in your heart – we will not die

As the runaways careen blindly through a thicket in the hopes that the chaos will cease, they encounter a young woman, given away by her radiant blonde hair shimmering brightly against the pitch black forest.  She beckons and, with a great deal of trepidation, Gem, Ari, and Lyra follow. 


III. The Protector


My name is Aurora and I must ask you to trust me

If you have faith I can lead you to safety

You may not know, but I have rescued you before

And I intend to do it once more


Was it really you that saved us that night?

Encased us in that sphere and kept our flame alight?


An impenetrable device of my own creation

Not sure of its merit, saving you was nothing short of elation



I’m not sure about this – we’ve been betrayed before

Are we fools to trust our kin anymore?


We can’t let a few bad people embody our whole species

The virtuous and honorable still run aplenty


Let’s go with her and see what she has to say



I’ve been preparing for this eventuality

The worst can always happen

And I think I’ve found a way out of this hell we’re trapped in

My dad and I found a gate to the cosmos

Aware of the danger we pressed on

In the night we were raided and they took him away

They tried to replicate what we did, but it all went wrong

I locked them out of the lab but I still have the key

We’ll be gone before the fire consumes all we can see


Entanglement transcends a ghost dimension

With luck we’ll stay ourselves after our ascension

Atomized, we’ll take a daring leap of faith

And rematerialize beyond the gate

Here we tempt the universe

We may end up somewhere even worse

But go forth we will, for light is fading from this day

We don’t belong here anyway

Better to risk it all for a bold new future

Than wonder what might have been


Starlight will lead us into the eleventh hour

Now we beg Mother Universe forgiveness

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