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Hell Awaits You

Gem and Ari follow the trail of the raiders to the foot of an active volcano in the hopes that they will find Lyra there. Below the volcano lies an underground cave system that was once a thriving mine – it has since fallen into the hands of a criminal network, preying on travelers displaced by the aftermath of the city’s destruction. Gem and Ari come upon a dying man outside the cave’s entrance, and he gives them some information about the brutality of the criminals who report there and the strange properties of the cave itself. 

[Unknown survivor]

As I lay dying, the last of my clan

I must warn you, regardless of your plan

In there, tortured spirits will seize your mind and in the fiery depths you’ll burn

No strength in numbers or iron will can save you – you will not return

Leave now and live today or enter knowing the truth

If the answers you seek indeed lie ahead

Hell awaits you



Gather your spirit – there’s no stopping here [Gem]: Did you hear what he said?

Lyra could be inches from death or paralyzed by fear [Gem]: What if we all end up dead?

Awaken the fire inside my brother; I thought I knew you well

I trusted you’d never hesitate to save a friend from hell



Onwards then, to the caves below

Into the inferno we go


Gem and Ari venture deep into the mine, feeling like the walls are constantly closing in.  They are eventually able to escape the delirium and hallucinations and find where Lyra is being held captive. 


Gem – don't make a sound

I see her around the corner now

Writhing in a set of iron chains

A man just entered on his own

Told the guards to leave him alone

He said he needs some time with his little girl


[Lyra’s Father]

Lyra, you’ve returned to me! Oh, how long it’s been

I really did hope I'd never see you again

I told them to take everything and leave you all for dead

But I guess they forgot what I said

Don’t worry – I won’t keep you, I’m far too busy now

You’ve been dead to me since the last time you let me down


Shackled to my family, doing my best to provide

Risking my life venturing to the other side

I wanted to reconnect with you, to prove I wouldn’t quit

And you spit it back in my face, you ungrateful little shit

I won’t even bother to hold you captive – you’re not worth the thought

Enjoy your life knowing you deserved what you got



I escaped the fate to which you thought I was resigned

I’m not the helpless damsel you thought you left behind

That you don't see me as a threat, and are letting me walk free

Proves you never knew a goddamn thing about me


You broke me, you thought I'd never recover, now you’ll die knowing the truth

The vengeance I seek lies dead ahead, hell awaits you



She turns around and unsheathes the blade she’d hidden from the start

Runs ahead and plunges the dagger straight into his heart

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