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The Edge

Shocked, confused, and distraught by the torture of the cave and the scene they just witnessed, Gem and Ari lead Lyra from the lair and the runaways soon come to rest at a frozen lake. There’s an eerie and uneasy feeling in the air, and after a long period of uncomfortable silence, Lyra finally reveals what drove her to do what she did in the cave. 



He was once a good man

Even in the toughest times he always had a plan

He’d work endlessly

To secure a better future for his family

But his days were long and unrewarding

He started losing the uphill fight

Comforts became vices became addictions

It got worse every night


Soon, no one would work with him

My mother and I told him not to come around

When it seemed he’d lost it all, he had further yet to fall

He bought a ticket to the underground


Backed into a corner, the survivor lashes out

All the things that mattered, you no longer care about

The temptation had all gone to his head

At the moment of surrender he stepped over the edge


Before long, we didn’t see him anymore

My mother became more and more withdrawn

Until one day a letter came for him

She said by morning we’d have to be gone

She had warned him that his house of cards would one day lie in ruins

That he’d have to atone for his misdeeds

He came back to tell her that he’d made a payment

And that we needn’t worry


As we prepared to leave the next morning

The door came crashing down

In came my father with the men he’d wronged

And rare daylight shone upon the underground

I kicked and screamed as they restrained me but I could not break free

And as they took my mother all was clear – the payment was me


In the aftermath I was broken and alone

A prisoner in my own home

The candle flickered weakly in the distance – it was time to put it out


Backed into a corner, the desperation lashes out

Nothing really matters – the end is all you care about

The rage, the pain, and the loneliness had all come to a head

But at the moment of surrender I stepped back from the edge

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