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The Gate

Aurora and the runaways venture to her lab, where she plans to use the device she and her dad created to open a gate to the cosmos and leave their doomed planet behind. She hastily explains that her dad was employed by the national space force to research possible ways to leave the stellar system before it became uninhabitable. A brewing insurrection (perhaps the same one Lyra's father and Palanova had been connected with) sent spies and found out what he and Aurora were up to, and they took him captive in attempt to seize the power of the discovery for themselves. Not having the necessary equipment (as it was all housed in the lab, where Aurora was able to lock them out of the system), Aurora claims that all they were able to do was disrupt gravity to the point that they inadvertently set a nearby asteroid on a collision course with Aletheia, causing the earlier cataclysmic event that Aurora had shielded herself and the runaways from. This event was widely seen as an act of war, and the trouble that had been escalating between the rebellion and the government is now at a breaking point. Unfazed, Aurora and the runaways make it back to the lab, where she shows them another trick she has up her sleeve – a sleek, state-of-the-art ship of her own design to protect them as they cross the threshold. With the remote activation switch housed in the ship, Aurora and the runaways take off and prepare for the unknown as they head towards the midnight sky.             


With a blinding flash of light we are no longer alone

Thousands of ships fill the sky – no way to know if they’re friend or foe

As if possessed by the supernatural, Aurora takes the reins

She rolls and dives, charges and drives straight out of the hurricane



It’s an all-out war between the space force and the insurrection

In the spirit of discovery, I may have quickened our demise

But now we have a chance to ascend from the madness

Let’s unleash this celestial beast into the skies


Aurora steels herself and, with the fleets converging on each other, throws the switch to activate the gate. 



Cosmic intervention halts the fury and the bloodshed

A massive blue portal against the starry night – the gate lies straight ahead

The ceasefire is short-lived and now it’s us all eyes are upon

Aurora puts pedal to the metal as the battle rages on


With a blinding flash of light we’re protected by a sphere

Death comes to all but Aurora assures us it will not be here

She weathers the fire fearlessly and grabs hold of the reins

She rolls and dives, charges and drives straight into the hurricane


So many tragedies and unspoken words course through my mind

We run to the back of the ship for one last look at all we’re leaving behind



All we’ve ever loved and hated, cherished or scorned


All the people who’ve lived and died, every child who's been born


Every tyrant and oppressor, every fair and kind soul


All lived out their days on this rock we must leave to seek a new home

Together let us go forth into the great unknown

Arm in arm as kindred spirits – no longer alone

With the fast approaching horizon we will finally know our fate

Full speed ahead – take us through the gate

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