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Kevin Strasser is a multi-instrumentalist from Millersville, MD. In addition to playing in venues across Maryland and DC with various bands over the years, he has released two solo albums, which he performed and produced on his own. The first of these albums is the 2017 release, The Dance of Desperation, featuring the tracks "Perfect Storm", "We Don't Have to Wait", and the title track. The second album was released in 2018 and is entitled The Midnight Crusade, featuring tracks such as "Blood Brothers", "The Lightning", and "Voices". He is a fan of Canadian prog rock giants Rush and many other artists, including Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Muse and Dream Theater, all of which have been influential in his compositions. Kevin is currently the lead guitarist and vocalist in The Midnight Crusade, a band dedicated to performing his solo albums. He has begun work on his third album, to be released later in 2019.  



Full Concert